Norman Ellis Gregory And His Love For Cycling

Norman Ellis Gregory has reportedly joked that long life is a part of his family. The war veteran of Suffolk has recently celebrated his 93rd birthday but he isn’t relying on his luck. He takes a bicycle ride every day to keep his fitness up and records the miles he rode. The previous year, he had clocked up a total of 3500 miles.

He says that he wakes up every day and then brushes, shaves, have breakfast and by 9 he is out cycling. In normal mornings, he ventures out cycling and rides for two hours and then if he feels that he is going good, he sometimes even takes up a third hour.

As he lives in the Suffolk countryside, the area is a bit rolling and is very much approved for a spin. The lanes are quiet and very good for a ride in the tranquility. He is not attempting any world record but even then he does 10-20 miles each day on the cycle and always records the distance in a log. Although he loves being out on his cycle, it is the exercise that it gives him that excites him to come out every day.

Funding Strategy By The British Cyclists

The funding of the elite sport by UK consultants is going to come to an end soon. The cycling federation of UK is trying their level best to put their opinion first. It is hailed as a partial treatment towards the elite whereas it should be an all round participation.

UK is targeting the investment which allows the cyclists to win medals and awards. In 2012 UK reached third position from 36th at the Games Medal of Atlanta. The funding is considered as transformational since it tries to bring about a balance. It will also allow the nation to grow and become the number one country in terms of funding in cycling is concerned.

Andy Schleck

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Andy Schleck Retires From Bike Race

2010 Tour France champ Andy Schleck has reportedly announced retirement from riding. The news is quite a shocker in the light of the successful cyclists mere 29 years of age.

“There has been huge speculation and now I need to confirm all the speculations”, stated a morose Schleck while addressing a press conference from his home town.

I won’t be a rider next year. I actually hurts. I had to take this decision following my ill health after the crashes.”

The younger of the Schleck brother-duo, won Tour France 2010, after Alberto Contador was suspended on doping grounds. He was also victorious at Liège-Bastogne-Liège 2009 7 has got many podium finishes under his sleeve. But sadly, the serious crashes of late pulled the brake for him.

His last race was Tour France 2014 where he succumbed to a bad crash on the London streets.

“I had my operations in Basel, I was able to cycle but it was my knee which did not stop swelling. I was very painful. My physician said that he cannot do anything further. I was hopeful that it would get better, yet it did not”, Andy was having a hard time collecting himself.

“Thoughts came- what would I be doing with the knee, especially my life & cycling career? It was not easy for me but I had to come up with this decision that riding is over for me and I decided that I would draw an end to my career by the final of 2014.”

The younger Schleck brother had his last ever triumph atop Tour France championship’s highest finish, at Col Galibier 2011 stage 18.

‘I recall back with smile. I am quite proud of my achievements”, he added on. “Like the Galibier stage. It was completely my idea since nobody agreed to do that in the squad.”

Ian Drake Confident of Bradley Wiggins’s Success In Rio Olympics

One month after winning world time trial, Sir Bradley Wiggins said that he is focusing on preparing for Rio Olympic to be held in 2016.

Ian Drake, Chief Executive of British Cycling is sure that Wiggins will be able to reach a career high at Rio Olympics after which he can retire. In the announcement of British Cycling crossing 100,000 members milestone, Ian Drake said that Bradley Wiggins’s return to the Commonwealth Games is something he regards as fantastic and his display of commitment to the Olympic program will give cycling and also the Great Britain Team a boost.

Ian Drake regards Sir Wiggins’s career to be extraordinary. He is sure of Wiggins winning a medal in Rio just like he won at every Olympics since his first one at the Sydney Olympics in 2000. He is confident that Bradley Wiggins will be adequately prepared for Rio.

He also thinks that Wiggins is providing a role model for the new generation of British Cyclists.

According to Ian Drake, Sir Wiggins’s winning Tour de France also further encouraged the British team; they felt like they have won the first medal of the Commonwealth Games.

Drake said that Wiggins’s win coupled with the success of other British Cycling Champions like Sir Chris Hoy, Victoria Pendleton and Laura Scott has helped the sport become more popular and encouraged a huge number of people to take up the sport.

Drake said that around the 2008 Beijing Olympics, they decided to increase the number of membership by using their success at all the major events.

Wiggins said they want to make Britain a cycling nation. He also said that their membership figure is comparable to that of some major political parties and hence their voice cannot be ignored.

Wiggins said that he has been a member of British Cycling since he was a teenager. How cycling has evolved into a sport since Chris Boardman won gold in Barcelona in 1992 is something that is incredible to Wiggins. It is very satisfying for him to see that cycling has become mainstream.