December 20, 2016 Andy Schleck 0

After walking away from the sport he has so much passion for, the 2010 tour de France winner has admitted in a recent interview that he truly misses cycling.

Andy schleck had been put out of the game, although reluctantly due to a career ending knee injury that meant a permanent end for his time on the track. He had incurred the injury at the end of his last season and it had been a permanent damage to his knee.

While Andy may seem to be adjusting quite well to his life in retirement, which is quite surprising, as he did not quit the game of his own accord, he was quoted in a recent interview with the famous Luxembourg newspaper le qoutedien to have said that he truly misses cycling.

In his statement, he said:

“The doctors told me I would need a new knee by the time I was 35,” the news had come as quite a shocker and a disappointment to the sportsman as he said it brought him great fear and concern for his health.

“It all scared me, that’s what I said in my press conference to announce the end of my career. But now I miss it,” he added.

At the time of his exit from the game, his contract with the trek factory was coming to an end and his hopes of bagging a new deal was fading as it became quite apparent that the knee injury was going to have quite a big effect on his riding prowess.

However, the sportsman is not giving up on life as he has some packages planned for himself.

“Yes I miss it, I won’t hide it. At the moment, frank is training with the team which makes it more difficult but I am very active and super motivated for my next job. But don’t ask me what it is as I cant reveal it just yet,” he said.