August 12, 2016 Andy Schleck 0

Those who are fans of Andy Schleck will surely love the fact that he is taking time to influence the current riders and contestants.

For instance, he has been motivating Jungels to stay calm, telling him that he would be capable of winning the Giro d’Italia if he stays calm, allows the others to create the way ahead and follow the same. He should know the tactics as he has been a former rider. He had received the tag of being the youngest rider in town, especially in 2007 when he came second in the Giro d’Italia event that year.

Today he takes the role of motivating his fellow countrymen who pursue the same sport. Bob Jungels is not only a country man for him, but also a former teammate. He wishes to inspire his teammate on the way he could win events like Giro d’Italia. Before the Giro d’Italia Bib had already won the Etixx QuickStep that he was leading in 12 stages. However, several mountainous stages still remained to be conquered and for that he needed the right aid and advice.

This would certainly increase his credentials in the GC category. When Jungels moved into stage 10 and took the lead Schleck was one of the first people to congratulate him. Jungel being a young rider himself, Schleck has taken it upon himself to guide the rider so that he can keep his rivals at bay on stage 11. Schleck feels that his former teammate is handling the pressure well and has exceeded all kinds of expectations till date. Schleck himself is retired, cruising through Europe with his loved ones. He understands the strategies that Jungels is adopting for the different stages and wishes him success. He is confident of his ability to win the Giro d’Italia event.