May 27, 2017 Andy Schleck 0

Andy Schleck’s son, a three year old boy was one of the few well wishers who lined up to wish The Duchess of Cambridge when she visited Luxembourg this week.

The little boy was holding a little posy of flowers, but when he was in front of the Duchess he was overcome with tears and felt bashful. Kate had been there to be part of the cycling themed festival that was held in Place de Clairefontaine. The boy being the son of a legendary cyclist was one of the privileged, well wishers who could wish the royal lady with a hand bouquet. However the pressure of meeting royalty definitely overwhelmed him as was evident from his reaction.

Jil Schleck, his mother, later recounted how Kate consoled the little boy who felt shy and burrowed his head in his mother’s shoulders. Kate is a mother, was patient and endearing to the little boy.

There was much to note about the festival as well, from a multiple tiered cycling themed cake and other festivities that were based on the sport. Schleck is from Luxembourg, it was quite natural for his son and wife to be seen as part of the event. The last that Schleck was seen as part of active cycling race was in 2014. Indeed, he had been preparing to take part in the Tour de France that year when he had to withdraw from it since he sustained injuries when he was in stage three and experienced a crash. That year he announced that he was retiring from the sport. In March 2015 he opened up a bike shop and café and by 2016 it had opened up along with souvenirs that showcased his racing career and its different trophies and bikes. Today Andy still remains a name to contend with for current bikers.