February 25, 2015 Andy Schleck 0

Norman Ellis Gregory has reportedly joked that long life is a part of his family. The war veteran of Suffolk has recently celebrated his 93rd birthday but he isn’t relying on his luck. He takes a bicycle ride every day to keep his fitness up and records the miles he rode. The previous year, he had clocked up a total of 3500 miles.

He says that he wakes up every day and then brushes, shaves, have breakfast and by 9 he is out cycling. In normal mornings, he ventures out cycling and rides for two hours and then if he feels that he is going good, he sometimes even takes up a third hour.

As he lives in the Suffolk countryside, the area is a bit rolling and is very much approved for a spin. The lanes are quiet and very good for a ride in the tranquility. He is not attempting any world record but even then he does 10-20 miles each day on the cycle and always records the distance in a log. Although he loves being out on his cycle, it is the exercise that it gives him that excites him to come out every day.

He said that human beings are also animals and exercise is needed to keep the body and the brain both on track. He feels it is pathetic to see someone who is both strong and healthy having to sit out because of a broken arm. He says that no one needs to visit Belsen to check out how a body deteriorates if not taken care of. Gregory had first started riding when he was only a lad and has been counting the mileage since then. Back then he used to ride 100 miles per week from his village to the grammar school in Sadbury.