October 12, 2016 Andy Schleck 0

Andy Schleck is the winner of the Tour De France in 2010.

This man is remembered for the racing tussles he has had with Alberto Contador. He retired from professional cycling in 2014. At present, he has set up a bike shop or a museum in Itzig and has been running the shop since February 2016. This keeps him very busy and Andy loves this new job. He spends his full time on the job and is very happy to have set up the bike shop.

Schleck is running this shop along with his father in law and it is located outside the Luxembourg City. There are three popular brands of bikes sold in his shop: Trek, his former employers, Focus and Cervelo. The shop also has a small exhibition center that features souvenirs of Andy Schleck’s career as a cyclist. It also houses a small cafe.

Andy Schleck is happy to run the shop and share his experience on the bikes to all his clients. He is in the store all the time and is working full time to greet and educate his customers about bikes. In addition to the brand of bikes, there are three clothes brand that Andy promotes in his shop namely: Castelli, Craft and Bontrager.

The Luxembourger is also looking forward to open up a bike school for children in order to nurture them and to drive more young talent to take up cycling. This is why he has bikes for all ages in his store ranging from city bikes to mountain bikes and racing bikes. The bike shop boasts of all modern equipments and machines for the pros that will analyze the riding styles of the biker to optimize the most appropriate bike for the owner. Schleck had to retire from professional cycling at the age of 29 due to recurring knee injury.