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March 23, 2017 Andy Schleck 0

Andy Schleck, the tour de France winner of 2010 will be joining the Thailand Cycle Tours as they go through a special training camp/ tour in the Royal coastal resort of Hua Hin in Thailand in March 2017.

This announcement was made by the company, one founded in 2013 by Luxembourger Lucien Kirch. It would be the first time a former winner of the Tour De France has agreed to head such an event in Thailand.

The Thailand Cycle Tours team is hoping to make it a really special and unforgettable experience. In addition to the private tour days based around the beautiful tropical coastal resort, the team will be inviting guest to partake in a Charity Gala Dinner hosted by Andy in the Intercontinental Resort. (more…)


December 20, 2016 Andy Schleck 0

After walking away from the sport he has so much passion for, the 2010 tour de France winner has admitted in a recent interview that he truly misses cycling.

Andy schleck had been put out of the game, although reluctantly due to a career ending knee injury that meant a permanent end for his time on the track. He had incurred the injury at the end of his last season and it had been a permanent damage to his knee.

While Andy may seem to be adjusting quite well to his life in retirement, which is quite surprising, as he did not quit the game of his own accord, he was quoted in a recent interview with the famous Luxembourg newspaper le qoutedien to have said that he truly misses cycling.

In his statement, he said:

“The doctors told me I would need a new knee by the time I was 35,” the news had come as quite a shocker and a disappointment to the sportsman as he said it brought him great fear and concern for his health. (more…)

Schleck Busy With His Bike Shop

October 12, 2016 Andy Schleck 0

Andy Schleck is the winner of the Tour De France in 2010.

This man is remembered for the racing tussles he has had with Alberto Contador. He retired from professional cycling in 2014. At present, he has set up a bike shop or a museum in Itzig and has been running the shop since February 2016. This keeps him very busy and Andy loves this new job. He spends his full time on the job and is very happy to have set up the bike shop.

Schleck is running this shop along with his father in law and it is located outside the Luxembourg City. There are three popular brands of bikes sold in his shop: Trek, his former employers, Focus and Cervelo. The shop also has a small exhibition center that features souvenirs of Andy Schleck’s career as a cyclist. It also houses a small cafe.

Andy Schleck is happy to run the shop and share his experience on the bikes to all his clients. He is in the store all the time and is working full time to greet and educate his customers about bikes. In addition to the brand of bikes, there are three clothes brand that Andy promotes in his shop namely: Castelli, Craft and Bontrager.

TOUR DE FRANCIA 2010 ETAPA 17 Pau Col du Tourmalet Andy Schleck 2

April 24, 2015 Andy Schleck 1

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Andy Schleck To Open Bike Shop Post Retirement

April 7, 2015 Andy Schleck 0

Andy Schleck is gradually learning to make peace with his forced retirement. The young rider has declared to open up a bike shop in Itzig town of Luxembourg.

The 2010 Tour France champion comes across as a positive person who is striving towards a positive & meaningful future even when his potential cycling career met with a doom. As per the recent reports, the junior Schleck is all set to launch a bike shop – which somehow would be able to maintain his ties with his beloved sport.

“We would, certainly, be selling the Trek bikes”, stated Schleck who was a part of Trek Factory during his rider days. “The store won’t just be a mere lobby with the bikes at display.”

“Actually, we wish to offer a very valuable service. I am looking forward to channelize my skills & my very athletic experience and approach to customer service.

Andy would be launching the bike store in partnership with his dad-in-law Mr. Jeannot Delvaux & the new store has been entitled as “Andy Schleck-Schleck-Delvaux Cycles Associates”.

It was a persistent & stressful knee injury which forced the junior Schleck to get into retirement & bid adieu to his otherwise prospective career as a rider. He was compelled to take leave from the professional cycling sector at the final quarter of 2014. Andy was felicitated with the recognition of 2010 Tour France winner after the Spanish rider Contador (Alberto) was ripped of the honor given doping controversies in the year 2012. (more…)

Andy Schleck gives first look at his custom painted Specialized Tarmac SL3

March 26, 2015 Andy Schleck 0

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The Andy Schleck Painting of the GabyGaby on tour project

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Norman Ellis Gregory And His Love For Cycling

February 25, 2015 Andy Schleck 0

Norman Ellis Gregory has reportedly joked that long life is a part of his family. The war veteran of Suffolk has recently celebrated his 93rd birthday but he isn’t relying on his luck. He takes a bicycle ride every day to keep his fitness up and records the miles he rode. The previous year, he had clocked up a total of 3500 miles.

He says that he wakes up every day and then brushes, shaves, have breakfast and by 9 he is out cycling. In normal mornings, he ventures out cycling and rides for two hours and then if he feels that he is going good, he sometimes even takes up a third hour.

As he lives in the Suffolk countryside, the area is a bit rolling and is very much approved for a spin. The lanes are quiet and very good for a ride in the tranquility. He is not attempting any world record but even then he does 10-20 miles each day on the cycle and always records the distance in a log. Although he loves being out on his cycle, it is the exercise that it gives him that excites him to come out every day. (more…)

ETAPA 18 – Entrevista – Ganador de la etapa Andy SCHLECK

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Funding Strategy By The British Cyclists

January 19, 2015 Andy Schleck 0

The funding of the elite sport by UK consultants is going to come to an end soon. The cycling federation of UK is trying their level best to put their opinion first. It is hailed as a partial treatment towards the elite whereas it should be an all round participation.

UK is targeting the investment which allows the cyclists to win medals and awards. In 2012 UK reached third position from 36th at the Games Medal of Atlanta. The funding is considered as transformational since it tries to bring about a balance. It will also allow the nation to grow and become the number one country in terms of funding in cycling is concerned. (more…)